Friday, November 30, 2007

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We have been quite busy in the 4th grade these last weeks. We began to Voicethread about our favorite literature with kids from around the world, such as Thailand. We created our own avatar. In history, we landed at Jamestown and our stockholders in the Virginia Company did not make out well. However, we finally found a new cash crop-tobacco- and we are growing "green gold" crazily. We each designed and created our own plantations. In Science we began a new unit on electricity and electrical circuits. Yesterday we went to hear the patriotic Navy quartet. Today we saw David Parker, who is a genius sign language teacher, author, student, and hilarious performer. Our Word Study words have gotten quite difficult and we had an assessment today. Most of the class has finished the historical fiction novel about the diary on the Mayflower, which ties in with the study of colonies. We read a fantastic poem by Langston Hughes. He is very inspiring to us up and coming poets. Now we are raising enough food for people without food. Each of us are Earning-A-Can by doing hard chores, above the normal. You have to "Sweat-to-Get" cans. We are only two days in and have almost 50 cans. We'll keep you posted, we promise! Love-Class