Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thriller Thursday

If you want to know about Thriller Thursday, then read this blog! First, the class was visited by the most shocking and amazing story-teller ever. Frank Bedora came to the Reed auditorium and told us he was making a "real" movie about Alice in Wonderland. He grasped or attention with spectacular story-telling and interacted with us a lot. He even had cool cards and video to share with us. We received free cards, posters, and tattoos. It really makes you want to read all of his books. Today we also had a great swimming class. We read a survival story about a boy who was lost in a Maine mountain. It shows us that we don't always have what we need to be in the wilderness. Well, our teacher Mr. Evans is crazy and teaches us how to have fun in school and is amazing. Last Friday he danced like a mad man. We looked at poetry in songs and realized that there can be deeper meaning that needs to be looked at.Now we are working on a Virginia Brochure, which helps us for our next History exam on Wednesday. It is on the amazing regions of VA. All of this is why we had a fabulous day of the year for now.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Extra

Today was a wonderful day because we Played Royalty. Next, we went to math and found out about a test for tomorrow! In math we worked on more kinds of addition facts. Then we divided up into our story groups. We are reading two books by Gary Paulsen, which look very interesting. Our unit is about survival and it is also one of our Wordly Wise words. We had a very interesting history lesson about why there are so many cities on the Fall Line. In science we learned about the troposhpere and thermosphere. In conclusion, that is why today was a wonderful day.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Brain Hurts

Today was an interesting and fun day. There are so many reasons why and here they go. First, we did non-fiction reading work where Mr. Evans taught us ideas about how to read this kind of writing. It was fun and hard at the same time. It really makes you focus more on the real detail things. We did our grammar correction from DLA. History was cool. Our teacher made us really think about why a person next to the tidewater is probably warmer and a person in the ridge and valley is colder. He did not tell us the reason and we had to make our own ideas and talk about why we were saying that. It was hard and I know about Gulf current and elevation and things like that. In Wordly Wise we found out that there was a dinosaur that was bigger and better than the TREX. We really did think alot today and that was fine with us.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Terrific Tuesday

There are many reasons why Tuesday was such a terrific day. Today we went to library and we read a great book called What Marianne Copied. It was about plagiarism and copy write laws. After that, we got to check out interesting AR books. Next, we went to a spectacular music class. We read Music Express and danced the VA Reel. It was fun and difficult at the same time. Math was next and we continued to learn about giving change and we watched an amazing movie about unrealistic numbers. After we wrote the descriptive paragraph about Beowulf's main hall, we finished the story. The mutated MONSTER Grendel got what he deserved-no arm. In conclusion, that's why we called it a terrific Tuesday.
APH and WC

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Best Day Ever!

Today was a great on this lovely Friday because we went to computer and Mrs. Solley showed us a website called ABCya! and went to Type To Learn a game that helps you to type faster and better (not talking about you).After that we had a fantastic snack and headed to foreign language in Spanish we counted to 39 and in French we presented our scripts and counted to 80. In Mr. Evans's math we played Quizmo Division and Multiplication. After math, we have our hot dog lunch complete with ice cream and the raffle. Our friend RR was the first victor of the year. Directly after, we had a history test and the other class joined us as well. We completed a major writing assignment before we had DANCE PARTY. Finally, we went out for recess and played Nation Ball as a team. In conclusion, today was a great day!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Today Mr. Evans's read The Hero Beowulf to us. It's about a great hero who needs to slay the monster. We think he will do it! Mrs. Reynolds, the art teacher, helped her paper mache Alligator Felix out of the building for the firedrill. There are some kids who shared their stories about the ISLAND, which was really great. We went to Math, Science, and History.The math class did many fun games together on the computer projector. We played games at the end of the end of the day-Sparkle for Wordly Wise.

Signing off

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another Interesting Day

Today we started are day with D.O.L (daily oral language). Then we went to library and had a fantastic time! Next, we went to music and had so much fun! We learned about George Gershwin and Patriotic music(like America The Beautiful-all verses, This is my Country and the National Anthem). Then we went to math and then after a hard day with math(mental shopping trip with money) we went and ate lunch. Then we had a wonderful game of nation ball. Now two students are singing Best of Both Worlds by Hannah Montana. Even Mr. Evans sang with us.

Hasta La Vista,

Monday, September 10, 2007

A New Week

Today the first thing we did was go to P.E. It was a lot of fun. We played sneak attack. We also went to foreign language and worked on skits. In writing, we started an organized paragraph about our favorite food. We had to have an introduction, facts and a great conclusion. It is so fun to write. In math we did regrouping as well as talk about uses of money and fractions. In history we used graphic organizers to help us make sense of our information. We also make notecards about things that are going to be on our test. Now we are off to recess!


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Super Science

Today in Mr.Evans class, we started the day with discussing Winn Dixie and four story elements(plot, setting, characters, theme). Next we had the best art ever. We created ancient accordion folded books. We did a great PowerPoint about adjectives-No Lonely Nouns- with an island theme. We presented our maps of the classroom to our peers in history/geography. Finally, in science we got to name our groups-mine was the Evil Gopher Scientists, Mutant Hamsters, Titanium, and Bobby Jack? The groups had several people in each. On a scale of 1-10. I rate the day an 11.


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Map Mania

Today went to library and learned the way to keep books safe, then checked out really AWESOME books. Then we went to music and danced to a Stevie Wonder song. After that we divided into our new math groups. It was a lot of fun at math because we reviewed place value. After that we ate lunch. We played "nation ball", which is so totally great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Then we went to science and discussed the soda geyser and the scientific process. Finally, we went to geography and got cool homework-making classroom maps. Now we are doing Wordly Wise.

Signed KEZ ACR