Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thriller Thursday

If you want to know about Thriller Thursday, then read this blog! First, the class was visited by the most shocking and amazing story-teller ever. Frank Bedora came to the Reed auditorium and told us he was making a "real" movie about Alice in Wonderland. He grasped or attention with spectacular story-telling and interacted with us a lot. He even had cool cards and video to share with us. We received free cards, posters, and tattoos. It really makes you want to read all of his books. Today we also had a great swimming class. We read a survival story about a boy who was lost in a Maine mountain. It shows us that we don't always have what we need to be in the wilderness. Well, our teacher Mr. Evans is crazy and teaches us how to have fun in school and is amazing. Last Friday he danced like a mad man. We looked at poetry in songs and realized that there can be deeper meaning that needs to be looked at.Now we are working on a Virginia Brochure, which helps us for our next History exam on Wednesday. It is on the amazing regions of VA. All of this is why we had a fabulous day of the year for now.