Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ohh What a Day

Today we began our day with a nice trip to the library. We learned more about different genres, like MYSTERIES. In music, we had our first test on America the Beautiful. Some of us even memorized all the stanzas. In Math, we did some hard work on problem-solving with addition and subtraction. Our reading groups each did about one chapter in the Gary Paulson books. We had a good lunch and then it was off to recess, where we played a great game of Nation Ball. In science, we learned a lot about different kinds of instruments that help find out about the weather. We even went out to record some data about the weather, which was a great time! In history, we played a review game to help us with our exam tomorrow. Our team was the Buckle People and the other was the MayflowerZZZ. It helped a bunch on what questions we should look at again. In Wordly Wise, we were really talking about Mt Everest and the weather up there at 29,000 feet. Our highest part of VA is only 5,000 feet up. It was very cool day.
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